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Leadership Lessons
Strategic Decision Making
Survive and Thrive

A compilation of Leadership Lessons from The Finest Hours at Nichols College and The Finest Hours story at the National Power Squadron convention.

What were the key steps JFK took to avert nuclear war over the Cuban Missile Crisis? This presentation breaks them down for businesses to use in important situations. 

A presentation of Survive and Thrive before the Massachusetts School Library Association's annual meeting.

Library Dedication

Dedicating a new library in Tiverton, RI with some personal reflection on the importance of reading and libraries.

Coast Guard rescues

If this footage of the Coast Guard rescuing survivors from the sinking of the Bounty excites you, pick up a copy of RESCUE OF THE BOUNTY to get all of the details of this breath taking event.

A C-130 spotted a dime-sized life raft riding 80-foot waves, triggering this dramatic rescue of three men caught in an offshore hurricane-force storm. Get the whole story  in A STORM TOO SOON.

Chronicle's three-part special on OVERBOARD!

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