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Flying thirteen miles above the earth, U-2 spy plane pilots had a weighty task before them: find and photograph Russian missile sites scattered across the island of Cuba for President John Kennedy. For nearly two harrowing weeks the world was on edge, lives in the balance. What was said in Kennedy's dramatic cabinet meetings? Why didn't the U.S. attack when U-2 pilot Maj. Rudy Anderson was shot down? Find out here.

A hard working blue collar family from Texas moved to South America for a  job opportunity in 1941. But when war broke out they unknowingly entered the crosshairs of an ugly battle taking place right off America’s shores, sailing into the path of a German U-boat that was on a killing spree on the coast. A heartbreaking true story, So Close to Home takes you into both the struggle to get ahead as experienced by the Downs family and the U-boats’ race against the American war machine. Neither won.

Gulf Stream, JP DeLutz, US Coast Guard, EPIRB, GPIRB, Sean Seymour, Nevada Smith, Drew Dazzo, Scott Higgins, Gulf Stream, Flying Colors, rescue, capsizing, shipwreck
Tom Tighe, Loch Reidy, Almasian, Bermuda, blue water sailing, AMVER, US Coast Guard, Chronicle
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